Club Leaders' Team and leadership Roles

Dnipro Hills Toastmasters club (Kyiv, Ukraine) is a part of the worldwide Toastmasters network. Our public speaking club was established on August 02, 2002, and became the third Toastmasters Club in Ukraine. The club’s mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication, public speaking and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Historically, Toastmasters has been all about developing one’s public speaking skills. And Dnipro Hills does precisely that enabling its members to defeat that stage fright and become convincing, vibrant public speakers. And since all meetings are held in English, it’s a great place to practice your language skills, too!

Every Toastmasters club has its special vibe. Dnipro Hills’ members are enthusiastic, proactive and full of brilliant ideas professionals. Our meetings are never boring. We often organize special projects like picnics, debates, training sessions, speech contests, visiting other Toastmasters clubs in Ukraine and abroad, and much more! You will surely not regret your decision!

Becoming an Officer...

Each of the officers in a Toastmasters club has certain responsibilities to fulfill in supporting the club and its members. There are several officer positions within each Toastmasters club both to spread the workload fairly and to expand the leadership opportunities for club members.

Filling an officer role does not mean that you are required to do the job alone. Being an officer simply means that you are responsible for ensuring that the job gets done. As an officer, you are allowed - indeed, encouraged - to ask other members of the club to help you fulfill your duties. Dnipro Hills Toastmasters club holds the elections once a year (annually).

Main Benefits of Becoming an Officer in Dnipro Hills

  • Serving as a club officer for at least six months satisfies one of the requirements for DTM recognition.

  • Ability to get creative and take your club to a new level

  • Tremendously valuable experience that you can use in all your life spheres.

  • Practicing running business without actually spending budget

  • Volunteer work that makes a great contribution to a public speaking and English loving community.

Club Executive Team

Collectively, a club's officers are referred to as the club's Executive Team. The club officer positions and their respective responsibilities are listed below:

  • President

  • Vice President Education

  • Vice President Membership

  • Vice President Public Relations

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Sergeant at Arms

You may join the Officers team and influence your sphere of responsibility and growth, taking non-official Toastmasters roles like

  • Educational Coach,

  • Design Master,

  • Journalist,

  • Social-Media Manager,

  • Host

  • etc.

We are here for you to help you improve your public speaking skills, answer any questions and organize our meetings, contests and special events!

Our friendly and competent team will do everything to make your education and visits as beneficial and fun as possible.

Preparing to Be a Club Officer

One of the most important things to do in preparing for a club officer position is to attend one of the Club Officer Training sessions sponsored by the district. (In fact, attending these sessions is one of the goals for helping make your club a Distinguished Club.) Please make every effort to attend training so you can receive the support you need to better serve your club.

Transferable Skills

Think that being a club officer is all work and no benefit? Think again! Check out the transferable skills you can develop by being a club officer. It's a win/win for all! A table showing the transferable skills for each office is available in the bottom of the page.


The President is the chief executive officer for the club. Here is what President does:

  • maintains general supervision and operation of the club.

  • coordinates officers’ team and organizes regular officers meetings

  • presides at club meetings and directs the club in meeting the members' needs for educational growth and leadership.

  • establishes long-term and short-term goals for the club.

  • opens the meetings and makes important announcements.

  • helps to provide a positive and supportive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.

Transferable Skills: Team building/Leading, Strategic Planning/Guidance, Conflict Resolution, Negations/Project management, Meeting Facilitation, Time Management, Parliamentary Processes, Consulting, Coaching and Networking

Vice President Education

The Vice President Education (VPE) manages all educational programs within the club. Here is what VPE does:

  • ensures that all members continue their progress toward their own individual educational goals.

  • plans, organizes, and implements meeting agenda to include speeches, educational modules, and other events sufficient to meet both individual and club objectives.

  • helps to close the project in a Basecamp upon completion,

  • takes care of certificates of achievements preparation and contacts Toastmasters International to ensure proper recognition.

  • Helps to onboard and assigns mentors to new members

Transferable Skills: Scheduling, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Recognition Incentives, Event/Meeting Planning, Personnel Development, Career Planning, Training and Networking

Vice President Membership

The Vice President Membership (VPM) manages the activities that sustain and increase the number of members in the club. Here is what VPM does:

  • plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing effort to ensure that club membership remains above club charter strength. This is accomplished both by retaining current members (working with the VPE) and by gaining new members (working with the VPPR).

  • keeps the membership roster and attendance records.

  • greets the guests, answers their questions, hands them guest surveys

  • coordinates contacts database, send weekly email with agenda

Transferable Skills: Personnel Orientation, Personnel Development, Career Planning, Customer service, Public Relations, Reward/Incentive, Planning, Campaign Development, Marketing and Sales, Consulting, Seminar Development and Networking

Vice President Public Relations

The Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) manages the creation and maintenance of the club's image. The primary responsibilities of this role involve both internal and external communications. Here is what Secretary does:

  • plans, organizes, and implements programs to maintain the positive image of the club and of Toastmasters for an audience consisting of all guests, members and the general public.

  • manages Social media pages and PR campaigns on other platforms

  • makes photos and videos during the meeting

  • coordinates website maintenance, media representation.

  • supports the communication with prospects, guests and members in social media channels.

Transferable Skills: Media Relations, Campaign Development, Reward/Incentive, Planning, Consulting, Journalism, Publications, Advertising and Promotion, Photography, Graphic Design, Seminar Development and Networking


The Secretary manages all record-keeping and correspondence. The primary responsibilities of this role involve handling administrative details between the club and Toastmasters International and keeping the club's documents available and up-to-date. Here is what VPM does:

  • maintains the club's records, including club by-laws and the club documentation.

  • handles and maintains new member applications, updated membership records, supply orders, officer lists, and past club records.

  • records the minutes for club meetings and for meetings of the Officers Team

  • provides support to VPE with agenda.

Transferable Skills: Report Writing, Policy Administration, Purchasing, Order Processing, Historian/Librarian, Research, Document Control and Event Coordination


The Treasurer manages the club's financial health. The primary responsibilities of this role involve handling the club's finances, including the collection of club dues and the payment of all bills. Here is what Treasurer does:

  • receives and disburses funds to further the operation of the club and its officers.

  • twice annually, the Treasurer must notify members of dues collection and then collect club dues from each member.

  • pays dues to Toastmaster international

  • controls purchasing and budgeting for the club needs (gifts, certificates, organizational materials etc,)

Transferable Skills: Budget Preparation, Revenue Tracking, Revenue Forecasting, Revenue Generation, Money Management, Policy Administration, Purchasing and Consulting

Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms (SAA) manages the club's meeting facilities and decorum. The primary responsibilities of this role involve all those tasks expected of the host of the meeting. Here is what Sergeant at Arms does:

  • makes arrangements concerning the premise where the meetings is held.

  • arranges the room and setup for all meetings,

  • sets out and cares for the club's materials and supplies, and greets members - and especially guests - as they come in the door.

  • makes sure all the club’s materials are in order and collected after the meeting.

Transferable Skills: Report Writing, Inventory Management, Master of Ceremonies, Interpersonal/Communication Skills, Customer Service, Negotiations, Consulting and Event Planning

Skills Development