Become a Member

and a Prominent Public Speaker

How to Become a Member?

To become Dnipro Hills Club member all you need is:

1. Visit our club and meet us :)

2. Fill in the Member's application

3. Submit the membership fee.

Membership in Dnipro Hills Toastmasters Club in 2022 consists of:

  • New members fee ($20);

  • Membership fee ($10 monthly)

You can pay from the 1 day of each month accordingly to the American financial periods.

For existing or reinstated members, the membership fee is $60 per 6 months.

The renewal periods begin from the 1 of October and from the 1 of April.

As a Member, you can:

  • Deliver speeches, receive feedback from speech evaluators and track your progress in mastering the art of public speaking;

  • Choose online educational program with 11 specializations (Pathways) to choose from depending on your needs.

  • Participate in the meetings in various roles (Table Topic Master, Evaluator, Grammarian etc.);

  • Train your leadership skills and working in a team (Toastmaster, General Evaluator, …. Also you can be elected as an officer of a club from the 1 of July each year);

  • Take part in contests of different levels - Club, Area, Division, District...

  • Enjoy our special events (trainings, picnics, balls, etc.)

  • Visit and take roles in other clubs of Toastmasters network.

  • and much more!

Public Speaking Education Program

Pathways learning experience - is an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your skills as a Toastmasters club member. This is online education program with a certification on each level. Pathways helps you learn communication and leadership skills that you need to succeed. It gives you:

  • The opportunity to build up to 300 unique competencies

  • 11 specialized learning paths to choose from

  • Online content, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere

  • Real-world, transferable skills

Annually Contests

Speech contests are a Toastmasters tradition.

Each year, thousands of Toastmasters compete in the Humorous, Evaluation, Tall Tales, Table Topics and International speech contests.

Competition begins with club contests, and winners continue competing through the Area, Division and District levels. Winners of the District level International Speech Contest proceed to the region quarterfinal level.

Following region quarterfinals, winners advance to the semifinals for a chance to take part in the World Championship of Public Speaking®

Different roles in Dnipro Hills Toastmasters Club