Dnipro Hills Toastmasters

Kyiv Public Speaking and Leadership Club

Founded in August the 2nd, 2002


Dear fellows Toastmasters - if you ( in general) are able to sign-up for some role - please fill this Guests and Sign-up book https://forms.gle/SkcJjXvq9tZqsgeM8

If you want to help Ukraine and Ukrainians - here are some options:

Option 1. Charity Foundation "Come back alive" Fondy.eu: https://pay.fondy.eu/s/1stPBTgMbWTY

Option 2. National Bank of Ukraine


Option 3. CHARITABLE FUNDATION EAST-SOS https://vostok-sos.org/en/i-wanna-help/rekvizyty-dlia-hroshovoho-perekazu/

Option 4. Humanitarian-aid-to-ukraine. National Bank of Ukraine https://bank.gov.ua/en/about/humanitarian-aid-to-ukraine

Why Visit Dnipro Hills Club?

Public Speaking Proficiency

Improving English

Networking and Making Friends

Becoming a Leader

About Our Meetings

We hold meetings every Sunday.

Every meeting consists of three parts:

  1. Prepared speeches (2-3 speeches/ 5-7 minutes each)

  2. Table Topic Speeches (5-7 speeches/ 1-2 minutes each)

  3. Evaluations ( 3-4 evaluations 3-4 minutes each)

Guests are always welcome!

You will listen to prepared speeches and come on stage during Table Topic impromptu speeches!

If you are a member you can sign up for a role in a commenting mode.

A small instructions for your first visit

1️⃣ According to our agenda,

at 12:10 pm Our President will officially open the meeting and ask guests to introduce themselves.

🗣 It should be a short speech of under 1 minute - just your Name, your expectation from our meeting and any additional details you want to tell us.

2️⃣ Then we will have section of prepared speeches (according to the speakers’ education purposes https://www.toastmasters.org/pathways-overview), and you also will have a chance to leave your feedback to a speaker in Google-form.

3️⃣ Another main part of our meeting - Table Topic Session. Our Table Topic Master will call upon members and guests and give them a topic to speak about 1 to 2 minutes.

🗣 It's a great chance to train your impromptu speaking skills, so don't miss it and raise a hand to take part )

At the end of this part you can vote for the The Best Table Topic Speaker.

4️⃣ The winner will be announced during the Evaluation part of our meeting.

🔍 If you find this educational system and community effective and appropriate for you, become our newest member! https://www.dniprohills.org.ua/become-a-member

🔍 If you need some time to think etc - don't worry - you are welcome as a guest as well and can visit us as often as you want.

😍 All in all, We are very friendly community, passionate about public speaking and networking, so join us )

👉 For any details - asked us )

This is Us

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How to Find Us

In War time we were forced to change our regular schedule

Now we combine our efforts with friendly ArtTalkers Club and kindly ask Fellow Toastmasters from all over the world join us and sign-up for some roles

Our current agenda Google form Guests and Sign-up book

Now we meets at 13:00 pm (+3 GMT, Kyiv Summer time)

Online meetings: Zoom chat room (link). The detailed instruction on how to join

Contact Us

Feel free to contact Club officers if you have any other questions via this form.

Email: dniprohills.tm@gmail.com


+380 (97) 603 7516 - Eric Helliwell, President

+380(50)-475-31-54 – Nataly Parubocha, Educational Coach